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The 2005 Fukuoka Gathering
by H. Paul Shuch

A rather small gathering of only four Signatories to the Invitation to ETI were in attendance at the October, 2005 International Astronautical Congress in Fukuoka, Japan. Despite a rather hectic week of presentations and meetings, they managed to meet informally for lunch on two occasions during the Congress.

Between them, Signatories Claudio Maccone, Carol Oliver, Lori Walton, and H. Paul Shuch presented a total of six papers at the IAA SETI I and SETI II sessions, some of which are reproduced on this website. Their noontime discussions were, as usual, freewheeling and eclectic, touching on the nature of extraterrestrial intelligence, the status of present and planned SETI searches, the recent IETI leadership reorganization, their personal involvement in the SETI Permanent Study Group of the International Academy of Astronautics, and other SETI-related activities.

The Signatories noted, with regret, the absense this year of IETI founder and Chief Scientist Prof. Allen Tough, who sent word that he can be expected to be in attendance at next year's such gathering in Valencia, Spain.

Members of the IAA SETI Permanent Study Group attending the 2005 International Astronautical Congress include IETI signatories Lori Walton (standing, second from left), Claudio Maccone (standing, fourth from left), Carol Oliver (standing, fifth from left), and H. Paul Shuch (kneeling, middle).
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