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Memo to Signatories, April 2010

From Chief Executive Officer Susan Tough

Dear Signatories,

As indicated in the Memo to Signatories in July 2008, there has been some reorganization of the Invitation to ETI as a result of Allen Tough's declining health. As we live into those changes, we wanted to take this opportunity to send you greetings and a brief update.

Allen Tough continues to function enthusiastically as founder, owner and benefactor. His physical health continues to decline gradually, but his spirits and commitment to this project remain as strong as ever.

The website is currently undergoing reorganization as Paul Tough assumes his duties as Webmaster. We are eager to know of any changes in your personal information in order to keep the website up to date. Please send us any relevant updates. Paul Shuch continues as Principal Investigator and Kathryn Denning is our Distinguished Advisor.

We hope you are all well and express to you our appreciation for your ongoing interest and support for this significant project.

Susan Tough, CEO

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The Invitation to ETI was founded by Prof. Allen Tough
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